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Daniella & The Vampires is a Canadian dark fantasy horror television series produced and created by Danielle Isabelle Austin and is based on her novel series — Crimson.

The series is set in Crescent Falls, The Sapphire Isle, Canada; a fictional town and province charged with supernatural history. The series revolves around a 433-year-old vampire-witch named Daniella Crimson, a progeny of the Thea bloodline and a lieutenant of the Grand Vampire Coven.


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"Hey, I'm not God. I can't change the past, affect the future or set people's fates... I'm just a simple vampire-witch trying to help people, and if you don't like the way I save lives, then you can find a new saviour." — Daniella Crimson

Daniella Mina Beatrice Crimson is the main protagonist of Daniella & The Vampires and a progeny of the Thea bloodline, making her a vampire-witch through her father's heritage.

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